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I felt I should have write something about it soon or later, because many people asked it!
From March 2016 I've been on my Patreon's account where I'm posting all my new stuff, fan art, my comics and commissions. Actually I'm taking commissions from my Patreon's page, but you're free to request me a commission even if you're not my patron! But I can't do more of 2 or 3 commission per month separated by my Patreon, I have to think to it first, it's my duty now.


It's a donation site where artist create exclusive contents (monthly or weekly, depends to the artist choice) for people who donate to them.
Donation are FREE! You can donate how many dollars do you want to your favourite artist and, depending on your pledge, you'll receive many differents exclusive prizes! With your donation, you'll be able to help your favourite author to reach his goals and help him to make a lots of new arts and comics! With your support, even with a very little donation, you realize an artist dream! Patreon is an amazing site for artist and also for their supporters!
If want to know more about it, you should cheek its site HERE


Becoming my patron means you're really interested in my job and believe in my art skills. With your help I will be able to reach my "dream goal" that is make a chapter of my own comics "Dark Luster" every month and make it a full-time job! Also invest money to Self-product a concrete paper version of my comic and send it to every patreon a copy of it! Also, I can continue to do illustrations and fan arts, tutorials and many other things!

More important for you to know: what you'll receive at the end of every month?

There are many pladge's rewards you can choose and got many exclusive contents every month!
Just by donate 1$ you'll be able to see every new illustrations of mine (tradition and digitals), WIPs and read my new comics chapter that I will not post anywhere!
By donating 3$ you'll be able to partecipate to a poll and suggest the subject of the next illustration by choosing one of the list I'll make (once per month). The result of the poll will be drawn at the end of every month.
There are many other pledge in wich you can ask me a commission (or two) every month! To know more about my rewards, cheek my Patreon page.

Your support means a lot, I'll appreciate every donations you want to do!
The smallest can make the difference too!



Like I said before, I can take commissions even for people who aren't my patrons, but this means I can dedicate all my time to them. I have to think about my Patrons first, it's a duty for me. I can take just 2 or 3 commissions per month, depends to their complexity.

Star! PRICES INFO Star! 

I don't like to have a standard prices for my commissions, it depends from your request. It could be 20$ or also 60$, who knows! :D (Big Grin) 
But it's certain:

From 55$ I can do a complete commission, with characters, background and colors!
It could be less than 55$ if you ask it in B&W or with no background, like I said depends from your request so be very detailed when you'll ask it! ;) (Wink) 

AVATARS: from 15$ BW, from 20$ with flat colors
*Means a character bust on a 800x800 pixel size. Price can changes due to character's complexity*

YOUTUBE OR OTHER SOCIALS COVER: from 25$ BW, from 30$ with colors.
*Price can be change due to complexity of the work and if you ask more of one character and a detailed background*


I actually accept only PayPal payments, with Patreon I think you can use also different methods!
I don't accept points as payment, sorry.
I prefer to be paid after I'll send you a sketch preview of your commission, I won't finish your work if you can't pay me first. This is to avoid cheater and art thieves.


I hope this can help you to know how my commissions work now.
Hope you'll continue to support my arts and job!

Ps: also sorry for my bad english. </3

-Regards, your sick artist Giulio (a.k.a Humbros).


Perfect Cell - Dragonball
Pen sketch  of my favourite villain of all time! He was my first hero and mentor when I was a child, so I decided to redo a sketch of this beautiful reptile-insect one more time :)
Heart in a cage
Here my last work, in my own personal style. It has a particular  meaning for me, but it’s free for interpretation :) Hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it in the comments.
If you like my work, you can support me on Patreon 
Do not use, re-post or edit my work without my permission.


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Giulio Sciaccaluga
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Current Residence: Italy = shit
Favourite genre of music: Metal, rock
Favourite style of art: Comics, manga
Favourite cartoon character: Cell!!


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